2019 ART Awards Preview

13/09/18 ART_Awards_for_news.png

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It’s time to start thinking about the 2019 ART Awards – getting your evidence together, photos taken and for the more adventurous, videos produced.

There are teaching and leadership awards which are open to ringing teachers and groups everywhere, definitely not just ART teachers. If you or someone you know is doing great things, even if they feel that they’re just doing what’s needed, then there will be an ART award right for them.

This year the format of the Learning the Ropes Awards for ringers will be changing. There are going to be two main awards of £250 each, plus five £25 awards for those who are highly commended by the judges.

Both Learning the Ropes Awards will be open to those who have completed one of the Learning the Ropes programmes (on tower or hand bells) or participated in the Learning the Ropes Plus scheme during 2018.

One award will specifically look at excellence in ringing progress whilst the other will also focus on a nominee’s wider contribution to ringing – to the band, local area or the wider community. Here’s what their teachers said about some of the 2018 nominees. They are a credit to ringing!

“They have entered into the spirit of ringing and are so supportive of all aspects of ringing. A real asset to our ringing community. This application is more about their general support to ringing than method ringing prowess.”
“Sophie has the rare gift of being able to learn a method and ring it without making a mistake and in all her peals and quarters she has never made more than one small error. In addition, her striking is excellent including on 10 when she regularly rings Grandsire and Stedman Caters and Plain and Little Bob Royal.”

Read about last year’s ART Award winners and let this inform your nominations when the 2019 ART Awards are opened in the Autumn.