December Draw of the 50/50 Club


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The final draw for the year took place during the branch practice of the Western branch of the Carlisle Guild, at St James Whitehaven. Numbers were drawn by several of the ringers present, none of whom were potential beneficiaries!

The first annual Christmas 25% prize was £138 and was won by member No 13, Chris Hartley. Congratulations, Chris!

Other prizes were:

10% - £55 - 84 Ginette Pardoe
5% - £22- 96 Peter Hunt

5% - £22 - 53 Chris de Cordova
Bonus - £20 - 41 Chris Lane

There has been a total prize pot of £553 this year and the same amount will be paid to ART for running costs. We have 110 subscriptions!
Please join if you are not already a member and persuade more people to join next year, these prize values could be doubled!

People must be registered on SmART ringer to be able to join, but can be learner, teacher, mentor, tutor or can be a family member of one of those!

If you paid by cheque and have now been in four draws, you will need to pay again before March 4th to remain in the club. Please think about paying by standing order, preferably quarterly or annually – it helps reduce administration time greatly.

Chris de Cordova
50:50 Club Administrator