Learning the Ropes Masterclass


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Invitations have now gone out to attend the Learning the Ropes Masterclass sponsored weekend to be held in Birmingham during September. ART have the pleasure of inviting all those who achieved Learning the Ropes Level 5 prior to 31 December 2015 to this special weekend. With the support of the Birmingham ringers, this will give participants the opportunity to ring new things, experience higher numbers and learn from the experts. A promise of other ringing opportunities to follow has also been made. Travel and accommodation will also be covered.

The Learning the Ropes Masterclass was announced at the inaugural ART Awards ceremony, held at Taylor’s Bell Foundry during March 2016. Winners for Outstanding Achievements on both Learning the Ropes and Learning the Ropes + were announced, as well as this great opportunity for all Level 5 Achievers.

If you are eligible and have not received your invitation yet, please contact grahamnabb@ringingteachers.org

The Learning the Ropes Masterclass is an excellent reward for the great progress and achievement made by passing LtR Level 5. ART is keen to repeat this event for all LtR Level 5 Achievers in the future, so keep progressing through the Levels this year!

A structured, progressive teaching and learning scheme that focuses on getting the basics right up front, leading to higher retention and progress later on. More information on Learning the Ropes is available from www.learningtheropes.org