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March draw of the 50/50 Club

The first quarter draw for the 50-50 Club took place at the ART Conference on Saturday 14 March – who could have believed that all ringing would cease two days later?

The draw was made by Mike Penney, who had won the Christmas prize of £180.

The lucky tickets this time were:

First prize of £71 - Tony Croft of Leicester
Other prizes of £35.50 each - Gordon Gray from Cumbria and Alan Bentley from Dorset.

This draw is open to anyone with a SmART Ringer username. That’s anyone registered on Learning The Ropes, anyone who has attended a day course or is doing LtR Plus, LtR Handbells or 50 Ringing Things. An annual subscription of £12 is paid and half the money from subscriptions goes towards the prize money while the other half is fundraising income for ART. 25% of the total prize fund goes to one lucky member each Christmas along with three smaller prizes of 5%. Then in March, June and September we give out a 10% prize and two prizes of 5% each.

“You have got to be in it to win it”. More members would mean more money for ART as well as bigger prizes for members, so please consider joining the club. The 50-50 Club brings in a valuable regular income to ART of over £700 a year. Why not encourage your fellow band members to join?

To join or to find out more you can visit the Learning The Ropes website: http://www.learningtheropes.org/5050club

» Download forms from the website