Tower Talk Issue 14

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Hopefully you’re reading this full of renewed enthusiasm and excitement about the ringing year ahead! Many of youmight have joined us through Ringing Remembers and, as we have just passed the first anniversary of that, it felt timely to take a look at a snapshot of how people around the country are getting on and continuing to get more and more out of their ringing - and it also gives us the opportunity to thank Vicki Chapman who co-ordinated this unbelievably successful campaign.

Plain Bob Doubles can often be a huge hurdle for ringers to get to grips with. It is frequently the very first method we learn and it can take a lot of time. We thought it would be interesting to gather together some different angles on this as there are many, many different routes you could take on your Plain Bob journey!

And finally, we couldn't resist putting this beautiful ART-themed cake on the front page! Any ringing event is better with cake and it seems ringers are very very good at conjuring something special out of very different ingredients. Oh yes, they can make nice cakes too!

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Alongside its regular features, this edition of Tower Talk includes:

  • My First Quarter Peal – The Result of a True Team Effort!
  • Need a Special Practice? Why Not Organise One?!
  • The Do-It-Yourself Quarter Peal
  • Level 5 Masterclass – Spreading the Love!
  • Plain Bob Doubles for Dummies
  • The Only Way is NOT Bob Doubles!
  • Death by Bob Doubles or What a Load of Bayles
  • “Is Ringing THAT Dangerous?”
  • Ringing Remembers One Year On
  • What A Difference a Year Makes
  • Ringing Remembers Recruits – What they Say
  • My Story
  • Ringer Plus One
  • Opportunities for All at Truro Cathedral
  • Learning Tips 14: ‘Quirky Call Changes’
  • Missing Vowels
  • A Spell – When Sally met Bob

If you would like to share some of these experiences we would be delighted to include them in future editions of Tower Talk. Just get in touch!

The editor is Ruth Suggett and she can be contacted by e-mail on