Tower Talk Issue 15

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This is possibly the most unusual Towertalk ever – as usual, it’s full of inspiring and interesting stories from our amazing community of new ringers, but there’s no ringing going on out there! As most of these articles had been written before the full impact of the Coronavirus pandemic had hit every aspect of our lives, I felt we should go back to the authors and invite them to update what they had written in the light of recent events.

There is a lot of sadness and frustration that people can’t get on with what they love to do, but there are also many people trying very hard to come up with ideas to keep ourselves interested and motivated, to keep learning and to support each other as friends and band members. There are many opportunities to stay in touch with each other and with the worldwide community of ringing, so make the most of what’s out there.

This is the 15th edition of Towertalk, so if you’re really stuck, there are 14 back copies you can catch up on!

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  • 3000th LtR Level 1 Achiever ... is from the CUG
  • From Couch to QP ... and some interesting t-shirts
  • Progressing Together ... as a family
  • Wordpair Puzzles
  • Going for Gold ... the 50 Ringing Things Challenge
  • A Surprise for Jamie ... at Westminster Abbey
  • Bolton Bells Back in Action
  • Backstrokes In (and Up)!
  • Teacher Turned Learner ... with LtR Handbells
  • Unexpected Pleasures ... getting the ringing bug at 70
  • The Ballad of the Bell Ringers
  • Your Best Teacher is Your Last Mistake ... an ambiguous title
  • Central Council and You ... by Simon Linford

If you have enjoyed ART WORKS why not print off or forward this edition of Tower Talk for your ringers so that they feel part of this amazing community which stretches right around the world.

Ruth Suggett
Editor, Tower Talk