Tower Talk - Issue 5


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Welcome to issue number five of Tower Talk, a newsletter for ringers on the Learning The Ropes scheme.

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  • A Golden Opportunity
  • The Story of The School
  • Exceeding All Expectations
  • Bell Ringing School Hits the Right Note for Christine
  • It Started with a Tweet!
  • A New Approach to an Old Problem
  • Quirky Foibles
  • We’ve No bells!
  • Australian Diary
  • A Grand Day Out: Marsworth Bell Ringers
  • Eight Of Us!
  • Learning Tips No.5: Odd One IN!

If you would like to share some of these experiences we would be delighted to include them in future editions of Towertalk. Just get in touch!

The editor is Ruth Suggett and she can be contacted by e-mail on