Tower Talk - Issue 7

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Welcome to issue number seven of Tower Talk, the newsletter for ringers on the Learning The Ropes scheme.

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The theme this time is ‘Ringing Around the World’. Have you ever been on holiday and heard bells ringing and felt the urge to join in? I think most of us feel that way, whether we have been ringing for years or just a few months! Those of us lucky enough to live in the UK can do this easily, but to do it in other countries takes a bit of planning. In this edition we hear from a few ringers who have combined travel and ringing.

ART teacher (and traveller) John Cater from Church Gresley, Derbyshire, writes:

On a visit to the Wellington (New Zealand) Ringing Festival last October, I was interviewed by a local TV station, and I told them, “Once you can ring, you’re welcome to go and ring pretty much anywhere in the world”. And this is the nature of the worldwide bell ringing community, where we’re all welcome to join ringing at (almost all) other towers. (A phone call or email beforehand is a good idea, though).

So, if you find yourself away from home, in an area with change-ringing bells, why not contact that tower

and join their practice or other ringing? You’ll likely be made very welcome, and may well be the one ringer they are short of that evening.

If you would like to share some of your experiences we would be delighted to include them in future editions of Tower Talk. Just get in touch! The editor is Ruth Suggett and she can be contacted by e-mail on