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There’s so much to think about in ringing! A topic which comes up time and time again, though, is how do you concentrate? When you are starting out in ringing all your brain space is taken up with just maintaining control of your rope and remembering all those tips you get from your teachers and fellow ringers – ‘Pull all the way through!’, ‘hands straight down off the sally!’, ‘stretch right up!’. As soon as you begin to feel comfortable with all that, there’s more stuff to cram into your brain – ‘What place am I in?’, ‘Which bell is leading?’, ‘Is that my bell clashing?’. All this can get very stressful and as soon as we feel anxious everything goes wrong! It is really important to be aware of how anxiety can affect our learning. Even if you don’t feel anxious there may be subtle thoughts going through your mind like, ‘I should be able to do this by now’ or even something totally unrelated like ‘I’ve got an early start tomorrow morning’ which can undermine your equilibrium.

So, try to prepare for your ringing before you get to the tower – clear your mind, remember why you are there, visualise what you might ring, plan your day if you can so you’re not stressed or rushing. Easier said than done, of course, but just taking that first step to de-clutter your mind might be the start of more confident and rewarding ringing!

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Alongside its regular features, this edition of Tower Talk includes:

  • Celebrating two Gold Plus Achievements for 50 Ringing Things
  • Recent Successes
  • 50/50 Club Draw News
  • Disaster brings benefits for Barnes
  • The Shenfield Ringers Quiz
  • This Girl Can
  • From Rounds to Five-Spliced Surprise Major
  • A Year of Ringing:The Secret Diary of a lifelong learner, aged 54
  • Lytchett Allsorts or ‘The Plain Bob Doubles Challenge’
  • Grab Hold!
  • Answers to the Short Quiz
  • Stand!
  • Learning Tips 10: Lessons from Mindfulness

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Ruth Suggett
Editor, Tower Talk