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It’s great to be producing an edition of Tower Talk knowing that, at least in the UK, ringing is coming back! We know that Australia and NZ were ringing earlier, but they both now have partial lockdowns, while the newly updated North American Guild of Change Ringers website shows that there’s not much ringing there at present – though the Honolulu ringers did ring for the 20th anniversary of 9/11. We hope it won’t be long before our overseas friends can join us in fully getting back to ringing again. In UK, recruits are being recruited, teachers are beginning to teach, lapsed ringers are returning and achievements and milestones are already being notched up by Learning the Ropes ringers. What’s more, it’s great to see young ringers taking centre stage at the National Youth Competition in Worcester, and a brand new Young Ringers association being launched. In this edition, we celebrate all these successes and hope it inspires and motivates others to continue with their progress.

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Alongside its regular features, this edition of Tower Talk includes:

  • A Great Day Out in Worcester
  • Young Ringers of the World Unite!
  • Puzzle Corner
London Festival of Bells
  • Learning the Ropes Achievements
  • A Busy Return to Ringing
  • How do you Learn a New Method?
  • News from ART
  • Ringing, from a Different Angle
  • New Start with New Bells
  • LtR Advanced Call Changes Scheme
  • Some Original Thinking............
  • Ringing for Special Occasions
My Comeback
  • Answers to Puzzles

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Ruth Suggett
Editor, Tower Talk