Learning the Ropes Handbells

Learning the Ropes Handbells is a progressive learning scheme for change ringing on handbells, based on the principles of music grades or karate belts. It can be used by ringers joining established bands and those wishing to start a new handbell band. Calling and conducting skills are developed in tandem with method ringing.

It has five stages, known as levels. Each level develops key skills. When you have completed LtR Level 5, your handbell ringing will be at a standard where you will be able to progress quickly forwards in the exciting and challenging world of handbell ringing.

To pass Level 5, you will have rung seven quarter peals with at least one on more than six bells and one of Surprise or Treble Bob.

How does the scheme work?

To enrol on the scheme, buy your Ringers Personal Achievement Logbook which is available from the ART online shop and register on the SmART Ringer website, which will give you access to a large number of handbell learning resources and a full curriculum.

The cost of the logbook is £3.00 and this price includes the issue of electronic certificates of achievement. The logbook will enable you to record your personal ringing achievements and to help you plan your future targets and objectives. Submission for certificates can be made by ringers themselves.

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The Levels

Level 1 – Foundation Skills

Learn how to ring hand bells safely. Learn the three basic positions of Minor ringing. Ring rhythmically. Ring bells in right order.

Level 2 – Introduction to Plain Methods

Learn how to change position at lead ends. Ring all three pairs of bells to Plain Bob Minor. Understand scissor and parallel dodges. Ring a quarter peal of Plain Bob Minor.

Level 3 – Extending Plain Methods

Learn how to change position when one bell makes a place. Ring a method in which a place is made other than at the lead end e.g. Little Bob or Reverse Bob. Call a touch of Plain Bob Minor of at least 120 changes. Understand coursing orders. Ring a quarter peal of a plain method that is not Plain Bob (suggested Reverse Bob or St. Clements.)

Level 4 – Developing Change Ringer

Learn how to ring by the treble. Ring all three pairs (or at least trebles and tenors) to a Treble Bob method e.g. Oxford TB Minor. Ring a plain course of a simple right placed method by place notation e.g. Woodbine Delight Minor. Ring a quarter peal of Plain Bob on a different pair. Call a quarter peal of Plain Bob Minor.

Level 5 – Change Ringer

Learn to apply coursing order and to ring more complex methods and greater numbers of bells. Ring a quarter peal of a Surprise or Treble Bob method. Ring a quarter peal of Major or above. Call a quarter peal in a second method (not Plain Bob).