Level 5 – Change Ringer

The final Level in the classic Learning the Ropes scheme, Level 5 guides ringers up to confidently ringing methods and onto trebling to complex methods.

Recent Achievers

Matthew Porter
Eileen Keeble
Tim Sunter

Become an experienced bell ringer

You finish the end of your learning to ring process by taking part in an extended period of bell ringing, usually about 45 minutes, which is then recorded in the official journal. There are then thousands more methods to discover, places to visit and new ringers to meet across the world.

Level 5 is also split into two pathways, designed to progress on from the pathways in Level 4.

Information for Teachers

Doubles Pathway

  • Learn a second and different Doubles method
  • Quarter peal of second/different Doubles method inside
  • Treble to quarter peal of Plain Bob Minor
  • Ring touches Bob Minor; bobs and singles
  • Quarter peal of Plain bob Minor inside
  • Call 120 of chosen doubles method unaffected or half-hunt.

Minor Pathway

  • Ring touches Bob Minor; bobs and singles
  • Ring touches of Little Bob Minor; bobs and singles
  • Treble to quarter peal to of Minor method other than Plain Bob
  • Quarter peal of Plain bob Minor inside
  • Quarter peal on treble to Treble Bob or Surprise Minor method

Ringers will engage in activities such as Trebling and ringing inside to Little / Plain Bob Minor to touches and other Minor methods. Also, touches of Original Minor are used within the variety of Minor methods.

Developed skills should be reinforced by Plain Courses of Plain Bob Minor whilst listening skills continue to be developed using Abel. Additional theory elements support learning the calling positions for a Doubles method and for Plain Bob Minor, after which a 120 of each should be called to assess conducting skills. Challenges for the student include ringing Plain Hunt on higher numbers, Grandsire Triples, Plain Bob Major and Oxford Treble Bob.