Learning the Ropes +

‘Learning the Ropes +’ aims to provide direction for further challenge and development beyond the Learning the Ropes syllabus

Recent Achievers

Rosie Storrar
Sam Kellaway
Christine Barnell


‘Learning the Ropes +’ is an awards scheme provided to encourage and to make provision for those ringers who have successfully completed the Learning the Ropes scheme and want to progress further.

Unlike Learning the Ropes it is not a progressive scheme, as submissions can be made for any category of achievement at any time. Electronic certificates will be issued as for Learning the Ropes.

This scheme is open to all ringers who have used Learning the Ropes scheme or who are members of the Association of Ringing Teachers – ART.

Members of ART are eligible to submit achievements which were performed after the date of attendance on a Teacher Training module. Earlier performances will not be eligible for submission for this scheme.

By the end of the Learning the Ropes scheme ringers should be encouraged to become more self-motivated and self-directed. Therefore, submission for certificates under ‘Learning the Ropes +’ can be made by ringers themselves as well as by their teachers. There is a need for ART to make provision for further development of accredited teachers therefore this scheme offers certification to ART Teachers in addition to their ringers.

The Levels of ‘Learning the Ropes +’ are:

  • Doubles
  • Minor
  • Surprise Minor
  • Triples
  • Stedman Triples
  • Major
  • Surprise Major
  • Higher Numbers (ringing on 10 and 12 bells)
  • First Peal
  • Conducting
  • Handbell Ringing
  • Tower Captain Skills

In order to pass each Level you must complete the required number of extended periods of ringing or courses. A link to these can then be included when recording passing the Level on SmART Ringer. The extended period of ringing will usually be a quarter peal, but a peal may be rung if preferred.

Submissions for conducting achievements must be Doubles or a larger number of bells.

Ringers Personal Achievement logbooks are available at the SmART Ringer shop.

Submissions are made through smARTringer at Learning the Ropes - Manage Ringers.