Learning the Ropes Plus

Learning the Ropes Plus provides direction for further challenge and development beyond the Learning the Ropes syllabus

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Monica Hollows
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What is Learning the Ropes Plus?

Learning the Ropes Plus is an awards scheme which follows on from Learning the Ropes. The scheme is now open for ANY ringer, at any stage of learning, to use. If they are not registered SmART Ringer they just need an ART Member to register them on the system and they can then request their certificates of achievement.

The scheme is divided into sections:

  • Doubles
  • Minor (Plain and Treble Dodging)
  • Surprise Minor
  • Triples & Major
  • Surprise Major
  • Higher Numbers
  • First peal
  • Conducting
  • Handbell Ringing
  • Tower Management Skills

Certificates can be claimed as each section of the scheme is completed.

The methods selected are designed to allow progress in a structured way with each one introducing new concepts which are indicated in the Personal Achievement Logbook. You are required to ring plain courses of each method, touches of some and two or three quarter peals to complete a section and claim your certificate of achievement. Peals can be rung as an alternative.

The scheme and methods were updated from the March 2019. The Methods now include the core seven ‘Pickled Egg’ Surprise Major methods Those following earlier editions can continue and still order certificate.

Unlike Learning the Ropes it is not a progressive scheme, as submissions can be made for any category of achievement at any time.

How does the scheme work?

The scheme is accompanied by a Ringers Personal Achievement Logbook which is available from the ART online shop. The cost of the logbook is £3.00 and this price includes the issue of electronic certificates of achievement. The logbook will enable you to record your personal ringing achievements and to help you plan your future targets and objectives. Submission for certificates under Learning the Ropes Plus can be made by ringers themselves as well as by their teachers. Ringers on the Learning the Ropes Plus Scheme are eligible for an ART Award.

» Buy a logbook from the ART online shop

Ringing and conducting requirements

  • Achievements must take place after the purchase of the progress booklet (or up to 3 months beforehand.
  • The ringer must ring a working bell.
  • Submissions for conducting achievements must be Doubles or on a higher number of bells.
  • The ringer must ring a working bell.